Delancey is a 1984 Endeavour 40 center-cockpit sloop.  If that's a lot to digest, I'll break it down a bit.  A "sloop" is a sailboat with one mast (it can also have two or three masts but only if you're in the British Royal Navy at the turn of the 19th century.  But I digress).  "Center-cockpit" refers to (surprise!) the location of the cockpit (where the wheel is).  Typically it's aft, or in the back.  Locating the cockpit a bit forward creates space in the rear for a comfy aft-cabin, a nice option when living aboard.  "40" refers to her length; 40 feet LOA (Length Over All).  "Endeavour" is the manufacturer.  Endeavour made boats in Florida in the 70s and 80s geared to the Caribbean charter trade.  It is quite out of business now, but there are many of their boats still out there and a dedicated man named Paul Uhl keeps up an excellent owner's forum at

As they were made for chartering, they're generally comfortable boats designed to handle a group of vacationing couples.  They're also a bit underpowered (i.e. they don't carry as much sail they might) so a novice charterer would be less likely to get him/herself in a situation he/her couldn't handle.  We like her for both these reasons.  She's more Winnebago than Ferrari, which is fine with us.