About Us

We met in the early 90s as young architects working together in New York City and quickly began unsuccessfully concealing a torrid office romance.  We moved into a walk-up tenement on the Lower East Side, and took sailing lessons, dodging freighters, ferries, and cruise ships in New York Harbor.  For our honeymoon, we inflated every crumb of experience into sailing resumes adequate for a bareboat charter in the British Virgin Islands.  When we returned to the dock, both alive and still on speaking terms, we knew we'd opened a door.  Shortly thereafter, Deb stepped off a particularly fetching Tartan at the Annapolis Boat Show and idly commented, "I could live on one of these."  Pete sprung into action.  We moved aboard our first boat, a 1982 Endeavour 37, in November 1999, giving it two years.  We've been afloat, more or less, ever since.


Deb is a USCG Captain, architect, and lover of stories.  She is quite fond of containers that hold other containers.


Peter is a USCG Captain, architect, and free-range pedant.


Lucy is a Maine-Coon cat who has spent the bulk of her 14 years living aboard Delancey.  She finds keeping the crew in check and generally running things on the boat to be a thankless, exhausting task.  Lucy would also like you to know that she has never been fed, ever.